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The Mediant 800 MSBG is an all-in-one, Multi-Service Business Gateway solution, designed to provide converged Voice & Data services for small-to-mid size business (SMB) customers, and to form a well-managed point of demarcation for service providers. The Mediant 800 MSBG is based on AudioCodes' VoIPerfectHD best-of-breed Media Gateway technology, integrating a variety of communication functions into a single platform to support fundamental services, such as VoIP mediation, Data Routing, WAN access, Voice & Data security, survivability, and third party value-added services applications. These services allow smooth connectivity to cloud services.


Best-of-Breed Small-to-mid-Size Enterprise Class Media Gateway
AudioCodes Mediant 800 MSBG is built upon a highly interoperable VoIP Media Gateway that can be delivered in several pre-defined configurations, supporting a single E1/T1/J1 trunk, up to 4 BRI ports (8 calls) or up to 12 analog (FXS/FXO) ports. In addition, the Mediant 800 MSBG provides enhanced dialing plans and voice routing capabilities along with SIP to SIP mediation, allowing business customers to enjoy the benefits of SIP Trunking services, IP Centrex connectivity, Unified Communications, as well as flexible PSTN and legacy PBX connectivity to VoIP.

LAN, Data Routing and WAN Access
AudioCodes Mediant 800 MSBG is optimized for wire-speed delivery of data and wireless services supporting up to 8 10/100 Base-TX and 4 10/100/1000 Base-T PoE LAN ports (802.3af) and an integrated WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n) Access Point. The Integrated switch modules enable support for IP Phones and other PoE-powered devices. The Mediant 800 MSBG is equipped with a versatile WAN interface supporting 10/100/1000 copper and optical GigaBit Ethernet, and a selection of serial data transmission interfaces, providing great flexibility in connecting to Service Provider networks. Data routing capabilities are provided by static as well as dynamic routing protocols, including support for RIP, OSPF and BGP.

Session Border Controller (SBC) and Security Services
AudioCodes Mediant 800 MSBG is designed as a secured VoIP and Data platform. Enhanced Media Gateway security features include encryption schemes, such as SRTP for media, TLS for SIP control, IPSec for management, and additional features. A fully featured Enterprise-class Session Border Controller provides a secured voice network deployment, based on the embedded Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA). Data Security functions include integrated Stateful Firewall, IDS/IPS, and SSL for remote user access and site to site VPN.

Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE)
AudioCodes Mediant 800 supports enhanced IP Quality of Service (QoS) enforcement and Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring. Leveraging a BroadSoft PacketSmart embedded agent - a SaaS-based lifecycle management solution, the Mediant 800 enables service providers and multi-site enterprises to assess networks, certify VoIP deployments, and measure, monitor, track, and help optimize the QoE of their VoIP services. The PacketSmart solution is either offered as a public cloud service or within the customer's data center in a private cloud deployment. AudioCodes' Mediant 800 also supports enhanced IP Quality of Service (QoS), including Ethernet frame tagging (802.1P), IP packet marking (Diffserv), and traffic shaping.

Survivability Services Customers served by a centralized, SIP-based IP Centrex server or branch offices of distributed enterprises, may face service discontinuities in case of a WAN failure. The integrated SAS (Stand Alone Survivability) feature of the Mediant 800 enables internal office communication between SIP clients (e.g. IP Phones), along with PSTN fallback, in case of disconnection from the centralized IP Centrex server or IP-PBX.

Value Added Services by an Open Platform for 3rd Party Applications
AudioCodes Mediant 800 MSBG extends the flexibility of the Multi-Service Business Gateway with the built-in Open Solution Network (OSN) server option (based on an Intel processor). Independent Software Vendors and OEM customers can utilize this integrated, general purpose server to host their own applications (e.g. IP-PBX, IVR, Call Center, Conferencing, and more). In addition, an advanced, on-board DSP Resource Farm enables the implementation of narrowband as well as wideband/ High Definition VoIP (HD VoIP) media processing services, such as announcements, recording, IVR, conferencing and transcoding, all controlled by standard protocols (e.g., SIP and MSCML). Utilizing AudioCodes dedicated DSP resources, enables a more robust and predictable voice performance, as compared to typical software implementations, based on general purpose CPU's.

Mediant 800 MSBG in Service Provider Networks
As SMB's strive to control their communication operating and equipment costs, outsourcing a Voice and Data infrastructure to a Service Provider is becoming an attractive option. The Mediant 800 MSBG offers service providers who are delivering hosted and managed communication services, a clear and easy-to-manage demarcation point, combining Data Routing and Security, WAN Access, Secured VoIP and the Stand Alone Survivability feature,Using the Mediant 800 MSBG. Service Providers' SMB customers can easily and securely consume cloud-based SaaS services.

Mediant 800 MSBG in Distributed Enterprise Networks Enterprises are motivated to be more productive, efficient, and responsive to their internal users. The convergence of secured voice services, Stand Alone Survivability, Data Routing, Security and WAN Access into a branch office's unified platform, ensures a high level of investment protection, cost-optimization and support for the growing communication needs of the Enterprise.

The Mediant 800 can be utilized at the company's remote branches, providing a suite of services, which include secured SIP Trunking by an Enterprise-class Session Border Controller, a survivable VoIP media gateway and a cost-effective IP-PBX platform. In addition, the higher density Mediant 1000 MSBG is a well-suited platform for converging VoIP Gateways and a Session Border Controller, thereby improving the enterprise headquarter's service level.

Target Applications

  • SIP Trunking
  • IP Centrex and hosted services
  • Remote connection to IP-PBX in distributed Enterprise branches
  • Unified Communications mobility and Value Added Services for SMB/SOHO
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