Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English (Second Edition)

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Công ty phát hànhOxford University Press
Nhà xuất bảnOxford University Press
Ngày xuất bản2009-05-05 00:00:00
Kích thước15.7 x 3.7 x 23.4 cm
Loại bìaBìa mềm
Số trang992
Phiên bảnPap/Cdr Ne


A corpus-based dictionary with CD-ROM which shows the most frequently used word combinations in British and American English.

The Oxford Collocations Dictionary shows which words work together. It helps students express their ideas naturally and convincingly and is particularly useful for academic and report writing.

With this dictionary students learn the most important collocations they need to know. The dictionary also guides them to the right word combination for their context. The CD-ROM includes the complete dictionary and practice exercises.

The word combinations are based on analysis of the Oxford English Corpus, a collection of three billion words of text from the English-speaking world that show the words that really do go together.

Key Features:

- 250,000 word combinations and 9,000 noun, verb, and adjective collocations
- 75,000 examples showing how collocations are used
- 25 usage notes on collocations shared by words such as seasons, currencies, and language
- Pop-up definition and spoken pronunciation for every word in the dictionary on the CD-ROM
- Thousands of interactive exercises and activities on the CD-ROM
- Genie look-up on the CD-ROM finds the words that collocate as you write

Giá sản phẩm trên Tiki đã bao gồm thuế theo luật hiện hành. Tuy nhiên tuỳ vào từng loại sản phẩm hoặc phương thức, địa chỉ giao hàng mà có thể phát sinh thêm chi phí khác như phí vận chuyển, phụ phí hàng cồng kềnh, .....

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