VG2X 16FXS Ports Gateway

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VG2X 16FXS Ports Gateway



VG2X are specially designed and builit-in designed for large enterprises.

  • Protocol: SIP & MGCP
  • 16-24 FXS/O Ports
  • PBX Feature:Intercom, IVR & Hunnting Group
  • Voice Codec: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM
  • Caller ID,Hotline, Prefix Dialing & Call Forwarding
  • Fashion ring, Auto Dial, DID, MWI T.38 Fax Relay
  • Conruent calls: 20

Features and Benefits

VG2X are specially designed for medium and small enterprises. It integrates the functions of VoIP Gateway and PBX, and is suitable to VoIP applications like long distance by-pass in medium and small enterprises/branches, IP-PBX, IP Centrex, PBX expansion. With VG2X, the enterprises can save the buildup of a PBX system in implementing voice communication. The unique design structure of VG2X guarantees flexible configuration based on the demand of enterprise users. Installed in a highly compact 1U chassis, VG2X have the configurable Compact Flash Card, and change Champ50 interface to RJ45.

VG2X adopts embedded linux operating system. Equipped with powerful hardware configuration and controlled by sophisticated software, the system supports multiple functions and provides solutions to a variety of voice communication demands in medium and small enterprise users. It includes PBX functions, Caller ID(FSK/DTMF), Call Forwarding,  Call Waiting, Call Holding, Call Restriction, Anonymous Calling, Hotline, Fashion ring, and other PBX features, iLBC/GSM Voice Codec, FD Echo Cancellation.

VG2X supports SIP and MGCP protocols, and is the ideal gateway for VoIP connection, IPPBX application and PBX system construction

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